sabato 18 novembre 2017


If you are a boy and you've decided to read this blog post, well, you're amazing, man!

Have you ever been on a diet because your boyfriend has said you put some weight on? Have you ever changed your look because someone has said you were ugly?  I know you're nodding. 
And yes, if you think about it we, girls, spend more time pleasing others rather than ourselves. 
I don't know why but we, girls, have always been taught to be in a certain way. Women, even in the most highly evolved society, are still fighting against stereotypes that stick to them. If you don't have long hair, wear skirts, get married, and (in my case) you can't cook, you're a failure. 

No! You're not! Forget it! You're amazing, you're unique! Start to love yourself because you're beautiful just the way you are! 

Look, I'm not the only one who says that! A few days ago I was driving and I heard a fantastic song on the radio. I immediately pulled off, took my smartphone out of the bag, turned on "Shazam" and got the title of the song. And here you are my lesson plan! 

Level: B1+ 
Time: 1h30
Age of students: Teens/Young adults
Aim of the lesson: Self-love
Target language: Give advice 

What you need: the lyrics of "SCARS TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL" , its video and this LESSON PLAN

As EFL teachers we don't just teach "the language" we're educators! Never forget it! Love yourself and tell your students, both boys and girls, to do the same! 

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